Table of Content

Vol. 20  (2013)  No. 2

Dhakan P.K., Abdul Basheer P.C.: Design and Construction of Main Casing for Four Jet Vertical Pelton Turbine


Shendryk V., Aleksenko O., Zinchenko N., Gordienko I.: Analysis of the Use of Centrifugal Pump Design Techniques in Automated Systems


Hlbočan P., Varchola M.: Numerical Simulation on a Mixed-Flow Pump Operating in a Turbine Mode


Varchola M., Bielik T., Hlbočan P.: Methodology of 3D Hydraulic Design of a Impeller of Axial Turbo Machine


Gale J., Dolenc D., Bergant A., Cizelj S.: The Saxo Turbine - an Interesting Selection for Reliable and Efficient Operation


Klas R., Pochylý F.: The Modification of Spiral Case and Impeller of Mixed Flow Pump


Obrovský J., Krausová H., Špidla J., Zouhar J.: Development of High Specific Speed Francis Turbine for Low Head HPP


Knyazeva E., Rudenko A., Tverdokhleb I.: Research Outcomes on Replaceable Flow Parts in Double Suction Pumps


Šulek P., Dušička P., Možiešik Ľ., Šebestová Z.: New Hydromodel for Managing Operation at the Gabčíkovo Hydro Plant