Table of Content

Vol. 19  (2012)  No. 6

Dinev D.: Analytical Solution of Beam on Elastic Foundation by Singularity Functions


Krishnakumari A., Elaya Perumal A., Panda R.C.: Prediction for Condition Monitoring of Wear and Film Thickness in a Gear Box


Taha M.H.: Nonlinear Vibration of Initially Stressed Beams with Elastic End Restraints on Two-Parameter Foundation


Ferfecki P., Zapoměl J.: Reducing Excessive Vibration of Rigid Rotors Mounted with Hydrodynamic Bearings by Controlled Excitation of the Rotor Supports


Šácha J.: Interval Estimation for Shannon Quasi-Norm


Rana G.C., Jamwal H.S.: Effect of Rotation on the Onset of Compressible Viscoelastic Fluid Saturating a Darcy-Brinkman Porous Medium