Table of Content

Vol. 22  (2015)  No. 2

Vrána T., Bradáč J., Kovanda J.: Stress-Strain Analysis of the Differential Cage Using the Numerical Simulation Model


Taha M.H., Abo Hadima S.: Analysis of Nonuniform Beams on Elastic Foundations Using Recursive Differentation Method


Rizov V.: Non-Linear Fracture Behavior of Double Cantilever Beam


Surianinov M., Chaban V.: About the Use of Numerical, Analytical Boundary Element Method to Calculate Anisotropic Plate


Partov D., Kantchev V.: Eurocode 2 Provision Against American Standards (ACI 209R-92 and Gardner&Lockman Models) in Creep Analysis of Composite Steel-Concrete Section