Table of Content

Vol. 5  (1998)  No. 6

Pokluda J.: Preface


de los Rios E.R.: Dislocation Modelling of Fatigue Crack Growth in Polycrystals


Saxl I., Kohútek I.: Planar Voronoi Tessellation of Cluster Point Process


Lauschmann H.: Computer Aided Fractography: The Automatical Evaluation of Striation Parameters


Džugan J., Pávek L., Mentl V.: Numerical Simulation of the Dynamic Fracture Toughness Test by FEM analysis


Puškár A.: Influence Of Cool Deformation Of Low Carbon Steel on Internal Friction


Černý I., Linhart V., Fürbacher I.: Mechanisms of Stress Corrosion Cracking in High-pressure Pipelines Steels and Their Welds


Bláhová O., Štěpánek I., Kříž A., Brůnová J., Hora P.: Mechanical Properties and Microstructures of Systems Thin Film - Substrate


Labaš V., Minárik S., Trnovcová V.: Correlation Between Microstructure and Residual Stresses in the Eutectic Composites


Majchrzaková R., Kursa M., Silbernagel A., Hyspecká L.: Influence of Annealing Parameters on the Physical - Metallurgical Properties of Alloy Ni3Al


Dvořák I., Hanák J.: Fatigue Fracturing of Nitrided Layers


Barta Š., Bošanský J., Šmida T.: Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics of Visco-elastic-plastic Materials with Internal State Parameter