Table of Content

Vol. 13  (2006)  No. 1

Šklíba J., Prokop J., Sivčák M.: Vibroisolation System of an Ambulance Couch with Three Degrees of Freedom


Rongong J.A., Kazakoff A.B.: Computer Modelling of the Dynamic Response of Viscoelastic Vibroisolators


Száva I., Szirtes T., Dani P.: An Application of Dimensional Model Theory in the Determination of the Deformation of a Structure


Pawlowski P., Topoliński T., Wocianiec R.: Grip for in vitro Strength Tests of Spines or Spine-Internal Spine Fixator Sets


Feda J.: Uniaxial Creep and Compression of Soils


Trávníček Z.: From the Singing Telegraph Wires to the Temperature Control of Wakes