Table of Content

Vol. 19  (2012)  No. 5

Brůha J., Zeman V.: Analysis of Friction Characteristic Parameters Impact on Vibration of Couple of Blades with Friction Element


Kozien M.S., Smolarski D.: Analitical Simulation of Application of FFT Based Spectral Method of Fatigue Cycle Counting for Multiaxial Stress on Example of Pulse Excited Beam


Pešek L., Tondl A.: Contribution to Application of `Parametric Anti-Resonance' for Autoparametric Systems


Polach P., Hajžman M., Šika Z., Mrštík J., Svatoš P.: Effects of Fibre Mass on the Dynamic Response of an Inverted Pendulum Driven by Fibres


Šašek J., Zeman V., Kellner J.: Modal Condensation of Bladed Disk


Šimek J.: Application of a New Type of Aerodynamic Tilting Pad Journal Bearing in Power Gyroscope


Náprstek J., Pospíšil S.: Linear Aero-Elastic Models of a Prismatic Beam in a Cross-Flow Using Double Degree of Freedom System