Table of Content

Vol. 20  (2013)  No. 5

Štefan D., Rudolf P., Muntean S., Susan-Resiga R.F.: Structure of Flow Fields Downstream of Two Different Swirl Generators


Náprstek, Jiří; Pospíšil, Stanislav: Frequency and Time Variable Parametric Forces in a Generalized Linear Aero-Elastic Model with Two Degrees of Freedom


Zelenka J., Kohout M., Michálek T.: Application of Sensitivity Analysis in Design of Characteristics of Damping Joints in Locomotive Running Gear


Fürst J.: Numerical Simulation of Transitional Flows with Laminar Kinetic Energy


Koteš P., Brodňan M.: Numerical Modeling of the Reinforcement Corrosion of RC T-beam


Gajdoš Ľ., Šperl M.: Critical Conditions of Pressurized Pipes


Eliáš J., Vořechovský M., Le  J.-L.: Lattice Modeling of Concrete Fracture Including Material Spatial Randomness


Hasníková H.: Testing Mechanical Properties of Natural Stones Used As a Building Material